Auto Staking and Lottery Every Transaction Across Stakeholder

Each transaction 6% are redistributed among all holders and one lucky winner has the chance to win 3% of the current transaction tx value. If there is no winner, the amount is added to a pot. The next winner receives 3% tx value plus the pot.

What is $JBTC

Jumanji ($JBTC) is a meme token with a 3% lottery in each transaction, 6% redistribution and a 3% burn on top. That means, the JBTC supply decrease over time which creates a higher demand for the token. In future, JBTC will provide a unique NFT platform where holders can share and create own NFT’s that can be sold via the Jumanji NFT exchange interface.

Investors can the staking algorithm to earn passive income. The rewards are accumulated automatically into a holders wallet. The highly profitable Jumanj lottery system enables enables the chance to win a big lottery pot. For instance, if the pot was not won for 3 times, those $ZOO tokens are added to a lottery pool. If the next winner win 3% of the transaction value, the winning increases automatically by the amount that is currently in the lottery pot. That will result in huge gains for lucky $JBTC winners.

  • Meme Token
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Auto Stacking
  • Deflationary Token Supply
  • Fun Community
  • Giveaways


Total Supply
100 Quadrillion

25 Quadrillion Burned

💎 6% Redistribution

🔥 3% Burn

🎰 3% Lottery

Locked Liquidity
100 %

75 Quadrillion

Locked with


Stealth Launch
No presale, dev and early access

$JBTC at PancakeSwap 🥞



Jumanji Lottery System

Win At Least 3% TX Value In Free $JBTC

You’ll earn 3% transaction tx value if your wallet wins the lottery. Everyone can win by just having 10% transaction value in their wallet. If no winner, the amount is added to a lottery pot which will be paid entirely on top to the next winner.


Q1 2021
Project idea and market research in lottery tokens.
Q2 2021 (in progress)
Smart Contract Audit; CMC and CG listings
Q4 2021
NFT platform launch on mainnet and exchange development
Q2 2022
Exchange platform launch and partnerships
Q2 2021 (completed)
Website development and project launch.
Q3 2021
NFT Platform development and research into BNB exchanges
Q1 2022
Exchange platform launch on testnet, exchange listings (e.g. whitebit) and research into more $JBTC use cases

Token Distribution

  • 25% Burnt tokens

  • 75% Community tokens

How To Buy Our Tokens

Step 1
Download and Setup Trustwallet for the use with PancakeSwap
Step 2
Fund your Trustwallet Account with BNB to buy $JBTC tokens
Step 3
Hold your $JBTC tokens for receiving auto staking rewards from every transaction and winnings from the lottery

Token Exchange

JBTC Token Contract Address

The following address is for the JBTC token contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it. To buy, use the token exchange platform

Check My Wallet Address

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